Understanding Las Vegas and Henderson Impounding

If you’re in the Las Vegas or Henderson area, Tow Truck Henderson is the towing company for you! But, if your vehicle is impounded, it’s with another tow truck company, which is quite unfortunate. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you with all your tow truck needs, so we’ve compiled all the information you need to get your vehicle back. When the time comes, when you get to actually pick the people towing your car, remember Tow Truck Henderson!


You may be wondering, “Where has my car been towed?” Let’s locate your vehicle and get you back behind the wheel. You should have been notified by the police department and told which of three towing companies has collected your car. The information for all three of these companies is located below, along with the hours. If you’ve been assigned SNAP Towing, you’re in luck, because they have an online database to find the exact location of your car at any second. For the other two companies, call ahead of time to confirm which lot your vehicle is located in.

SNAP Towing

Phone: 702-564-1180

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00

Database: http://www.snaptowing.com/vehicle-search

Address: 350 W Warm Springs Rd #100, Henderson, NV 89011

Walker Towing

Phone: 702-565-6220

Hours: 24/7 Phone Hours (Pick up hours not specified on their website)

Database: Not Available

Address: 2398 Silver Wolf Dr, Henderson, NV 89011

Ewing Bros.

Phone: 702-382-9261

Hours: 24/7/365 (Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00 is the recommended, cheapest time)

Database: Not Available

Address: 1200 A Street, Las Vegas, NV 89106


Remember that guidelines for car collection can change without notice, so be sure to call the lot BEFORE you arrive. Here is the most up to date list of paperwork needed, but it’s better to be over prepared to save you trouble once you’re on site.

  • A valid driver’s license. (Can be substituted for another state issued ID as long as it matches the name on the vehicle’s registration.)
  • A drive away permit issued by the Nevada DMV.
  • A vehicle release form. (Which you can get from the legal agency that impounded your car.)
  • Proof of Ownership. (Your vehicle registration or vehicle title will suffice, proof of insurance is not accepted.)
  • Money for the impound company. (Check with the specific tow company as some only accept cash. In most cases, personal and traveler’s checks are not accepted.)

If you are sending someone other than yourself to reclaim your vehicle, call the impound lot. Each requires different paperwork, usually notarized, for a third party to collect your car.

An impounded vehicle can be a nuisance, but it doesn’t need to be a nightmare. We hope you’ve found this quick run down useful and will remember your friends here at Tow Truck Henderson if you need a quick Las Vegas tow truck. If the information above helped you, be sure to share it with your friends through any of the social media links below! Until next time, Good Driving!

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