A young man with a silver car that broke down on the road.He has set up a warning triangle.He is waiting for the technician to arrive.

How to Safely wait for a tow truck

If your car breaks down, do you know what procedures to follow while waiting for a tow truck? The right steps can keep you safe until help arrives. So here are just a few ideas on what to do to make the process the easiest possible. Get Off the Road, But Stay in Sight

If you don’t remove your vehicle far enough from the road, you could be placing yourself in danger to be hit by traffic. So move as far onto a shoulder as possible, but stay in view of the road for help to find you.

Put On Your Flashers and Be Visible

This is especially crucial at night. You want to be seen, not only by the coming tow truck, but by other motorists. Turn your hazard lights on and set out road flares if you own them. These can be found at many auto parts stores.

Decide Where is Safest for You to Be

This is where your thinking cap can come in handy. If you are stuck on a busy highway or other crowded location, stay in your vehicle and buckle up. But, if it is possible, it is safest to exit your vehicle via the passenger door and walk away from traffic.

Know Who is Coming to Help

Once you are safely situated and ready for the wait, call a tow truck. Any good company, like our own helpful techs, will be more than willing to give you the name or other way to identify who is being dispatched to help you. Make sure the tow truck that arrives matches the description given to you before you give personal information of your own. Now that you know how to stay safe while waiting for your tow truck, why not share the information along? Your friends may find this knowledge just as useful and you could be the hero of the day!

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