The Many Types of Tow Trucks

When it comes to driving, there are a variety of situations that you can find yourself in where you’ll need the assistance of a tow truck. Thankfully, there’s a tow truck type for every one of those situations, perfectly tailored to fit the needs of the vehicle and the terrain. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the more popular styles.

Flatbed Tow Truck
You’ve probably seen this type of tow truck around, since it is a popular type due to the minimal damage it can cause to the car. It’s also safer and can operate faster than other tow trucks. The bed of the tow truck tilts down at the right angle to allow the vehicle to either be driven or pulled onto the bed. Then, the car is secured and the bed tilts back to flat position. Now the car can be towed anywhere it needs to go and, since none of the wheels are touching the road, it takes no wear or tear.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck
The hook and chain tow truck actually attaches to the car, by way of a hook, at the axle or frame of the car. It then lifts the front half of the vehicle up with the chain and drags the car behind the truck as it makes its way from point A to point B. This can be very damaging to a vehicle and is generally reserved for towing totaled or junked cars.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck
This style of tow truck operates similarly to a hook and chain tow truck. It lifts the front half of the towed vehicle and drags it behind the truck. However, it connects to the car at the wheels, not the frame or axle. This, in turn, causes less damage to the vehicle. It does still mean more wear than a flatbed tow truck would cause because the vehicle is still touching the road though. A positive point is that it tends to cost less to operate a wheel lift tow tow truck than a flatbed, saving you money,

Boom Winch Tow Truck
When a car finds itself in need of a tow, it isn’t always in an easily accessible area. In some cases, your car could be in a ditch, or down a hill. These situations are difficult, if not impossible, for some tow truck styles. That’s when a boom winch tow truck comes in handy. It uses a crane like pulley to lift the vehicle out of its hazardous location and then pulls it along like a hook and chain tow truck. It’s not the gentlest on your car, but if you need a boom winch tow truck to access your vehicle, the damage from the tow is probably the least of your concerns.

Those are only the four most common tow trucks you may encounter. There are plenty more variances and styles that can be utilized whatever situation you find yourself in. And no matter what vehicle you have or the car trouble you’re experiencing, Tow Truck Henderson is here to get you the help you need. We don’t like seeing you stranded; we get you to the mechanic quick, so you can be back on the road as soon as possible.
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