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A Beginner’s Guides to Wiper Blades

Every good driver should know the state of their wiper blades. Besides the obvious benefits to your field of vision while driving, old wiper blades could scratch or damage your windshield. This can be a costly repair, so why not take the time to know when your wiper blades need to be replaced? And, better yet, we’ll also educate you on how to replace them yourself. When the first storm comes along, you’ll be glad you kept your wiper blades in tip top shape, so you can get home safe and sound.


We all like to stretch the life of auto parts as long as possible. Our budgets generally thank us for it. But when it comes to wiper blades, it’s not the smartest route to go. Wiper blades will only cost you between five and twenty-five dollars each at most, so why risk damage to your windshield and put yourself in unsafe driving conditions? Here’s how to spot the signs that it’s time to switch to a newer pair of blades. FIrst, use your ears. If you hear squeaking every time the wiper blades brush against the windshield, they’re ready to retire. Squeaking equals scratching if you’re not careful. Next, use your eyes. If you see the wiper blades leaving behind streaks of water, or a filmy residue, they’re no good anymore.

If your wiper blades match these signs, it may be time for a replacement. But, before you spend your money, try using a damp cloth to wipe off the blades. Try driving for a couple more days and see if the quality of performance has improved. Dirt or dried rubber may have been stuck to the wiper blades and affected how they glided across the windshield. If the signs are still there, however, it’s time to go to the auto parts store.


Before you get to the auto parts store, get to know your vehicle a little better. You should be familiar with the make, model, year, and type of vehicle you are driving. If you don’t know this information, locate your owner’s manual or title. Each car uses a specific length of wiper blade on each side, the left and the right, and they will be different. If you know the details about your car, you can go into the autoparts store and either use their wiper blade locater guidebook or ask the attendant on duty. Any friendly tech will be more than happy to look up what wiper blades you need for your vehicle and find them in the store for you. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind. Replace both wiper blades at the same time. While one may appear in better condition than the other, if one needs to be replaced, the other won’t be far behind. It also means you can get the work done all at once and not worry about it for a while, instead of constantly replacing one and then the other. Also, you can choose to buy rubber replacements for the wiper blade frames you already have, but this can be a nuisance of a task and it’s easier, and cheaper, to replace the entire wiper blade.


Most wiper blades will use a hook system to attach and stay in place. To remove the old wiper blades, lift them so they are vertical and find the small latch. Open the latch and pull the old wiper blade off. Now open the packaging on your new wiper blades and slide them onto their respective latches, making sure you have the right blades on the right sides. You should hear a click if everything is securely in place and you’re all set to go. Push the wiper blades back down onto the windshield and give them a go. If they make a squeaking sound, or don’t seem to be lining up properly, don’t worry. Check the latches and sides again, or ask the auto part store attendant for assistance. The whole process shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes, and that’s including the time finding the wiper blades at the store! Check the condition of your wiper blades often and you’ll be set to drive in any weather condition, thick or thin. Did you learn a thing or two from this article? Share it with your friends so they can learn too! And if you have any other helpful tips or tricks, comment below to pass on the knowledge.

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